19 May 2018 to 21 May 2018
This week-end being a long one (3 days!), it's time to head to one of the best places in France: le Finistère! The agenda is quite full, with visits in Brest, Le Conquet, the Four lighthouse... And the weather is awesome!
A walk near Kerlouan starts the week-end.
Then, heading to the "Four" Lighthouse for the sunset.
On the next day, a short visit in Brest to see the Abeille Bourbon, a famous and impressive tugboat that usually stays around Ouessant when conditions are bad. And just behind, the goélette "Étoile" from the French Navy!
Then, direction "Le Conquet" for a walk.
And to end this nice stay, a last walk with an incredible view on the "Rade de Brest" with a very transparent water.