California, Nevada, Arizona and Utah

03 août 2017 to 23 août 2017
It's time to be get back discovering new places during the next 20 days. This journey led me accross California, Nevada, Arizona and Utah, with a tent and a four wheels drive to serve as home.
Some of the key destinations are Death Valley, Grand Canyon, Monument Valley and Yosemite. But for now, direction the Pacific Coast and especially Half-Moon Bay and Santa-Cruz...
Then, time to go south to Death Valley with a stop in Sequoia Park. Death Valley was as impressive as the first time. Surprisingly, it wasn't too much hotter and it has been easy to camp.
A break in Las Vegas, a few days after being there for the first time at DEFCON25. The difference between the silence of Death Valley and the craziness of Las Vegas was hard to apprehend but it didn't last long - time to leave to Arizona to see the Grand Canyon. And on the way, a stop at the small "town" of Chloride, before a small detour on the Route 66.
And finally, the gorgeous Grand Canyon!
It was hard to leave the Grand Canyon, even under a violent storm... Sunsets have been wonderful and hiking down to Colorado was a must. But it was time to go to Monument Valley!
Yes, it was the view from the tent.
A lot of famous western movies have been filmed here (Stagecoach, Fort Apache, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon ...).
After two incredible night watching the Milky Way and numerous falling stars in a crystal clear sky above Monument Valley, heading west to Las Vegas, before going to Yosemite.
Welcome alpine landscapes! Mammoth Lakes was incredible, and the salt water of Mono Lake was surprising.
Tioga Pass road is a wonderful drive. It's wild, not crowded and probably one of the best side of Yosemite.
And finally, the expected Yosemite Valley! Unfortunately, it was a disappointement: too many people and definitively not as gorgeous as advertised despite waterfalls...
So heading back back to the Bay Area a bit earlier than expected, with a short visit to Monterey and its expensive-but-beautiful Aquarium.
Finally, a tour of the San Francisco Bay ends this trip: Sausalito, Berkeley, Oakland...
It was an interesting 4600km journey accross these various landscapes. I met various people, the weather was changing, sometimes violent and most of the time very sunny. The falling stars in Monument Valley will probably stay my favorite souvenir!