Sailing from Le Crouesty to Concarneau

22 juin 2020 to 27 juin 2020
The initial plan was to sail from Scotland down to the western coast of Ireland. However Covid-19 came in and we had to change the plan: we instead sailed from Le Crouesty to Concarneau, a 4 days journey in South Brittany.
The first leg of this journey took us from Le Crouesty to Belle-Île through Houat and the Passage du Beniguet. It was not a very windy day (1-3B) but a very sunny one. But a few miles before Le Palais, we caught distress signs from a small sailboat which was slightly ahead of us. We quickly got on it, and started towing them up to Le Palais as their engine stopped working while they were adrift quite close to the rocks.
There we met a local fisherman who told us the story of his business' beginnings, his new boat, and how closed the fishermen community was in the area which makes it even more difficult for anyone to start - even for locals. It was an enlightning story that reminds that despite obstacles and people saying "it's impossible!", being dedicated to something one believes in can be rewarded.
The next day we headed to Groix and Port-Tudy, with 0-1B in the morning and 2-3 in the afternoon... Enough to finally setup the spinnaker! We anchored in front of the Plage des Grands Sables and swam for an hour around the boat. The water was... cold, but it was super relaxing. We then entered in the crowded Port-Tudy.
After realizing that our fuel and water tanks levels were not working, we headed to Kernevel on Wednesday to refuel - better safe than sorry - and we met a Mini, the DMG MORI Imoca, and the Ultim Gitana Edmond de Rotschild. It was awesome to sail just near them.
At Kernevel we docked just in front of the brand new Imoca Corum L'Épargne! It was a nice surprise. Of course, we later headed to Lorient-La Base to see the other Imoca, Mini, and Sodebo Ultim.
Later this afternoon we took the direction of Doelan, again without much wind... It was a nice place to spend some time stargazing and admire shooting stars.
And finally, Les Glénans!
Now that the wind picked up some strength, we sailed in the Concarneau bay with the Spinnaker once again, and went in the Concarneau harbour in the evening.
It was a nice journey despite the lack of wind in the first few days. Looking forward for doing the reverse trip back to Le Crouesty later this summer!