Death Valley National Park

26 May 2017 to 29 May 2017
What better place away from cellular service and email notifications than a desert? So I have been heading south to Death Valley during the 3-days week-end for the Memorial Day.
Departure at 5a.m on Saturday morning for a eight hours journey to the desert.

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First the Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes.
After a stop at Furnace Creek to get the annual pass, direction Ubuhebe Crater.
Alone at Ubuhebe Crater with a beautiful sunset.
First night in Mosquite Spring campground and wake up at 5am.
Devil's Golf Course, once again very calm without any noise.
And.. Badwater!
On the road back to Furnace Creek, stop at Natural Bridge.
Then, Artist's Drive.
It was nearly noon and already extremely hot but the Golden Canyon was on my way, so I stopped by. I thought it would be a short hike... But I decided to try the 5.8Km loop. It was absolutely awesome, but doing it alone at the hottest time of the day was definitely not the greatest idea. Luckily, everything went well.
Then, Twenty Mules Team Canyon. Nothing special but it was a funny drive.
And the last stop of the day to get cooler temperatures at Dantes View. The sunset was incredible and it was the perfect spot for stargazing, despite Las Vegas lights hiding the Milky Way.
My second and last night was in the Wildrose campsite, after driving the Emigrants Canyon road at midnight and seeing dozens and dozens of rabbits, rattlesnakes, scorpions, mouses and one donkey crossing my road.
I really enjoyed the visit. The landscape was outstanding, and even if I expected higher temperatures it was indeed very hot. There wasn't too many tourists despite the weather and the long week-end so the timing was good. As a last picture while leaving the park I crossed a few locals...
Finally back to the cooler weather in the Bay Area... But not before hitting several traffic jams. I was amused to see so many people trying to change lanes causing the jam to get a lot worse. Seeing slow cars on the left lane, forcing other drivers to pass them on the right lane to finally zigzag between slow trucks on that lane was absurd. If I may give an advice, drive right if you're slow, pass on the left, be patient and stick to your lane!