Florida, The Keys and the KSC.

04 February 2018
Direction the Keys on Day one, and Cape Canaveral the next day!
An amazing sky during the flight...
Heading south with a 7-hours drive to Key West, the southernmost I've ever been on Earth (but hopefully not for long, stay tuned! ;))
Driving through the Keys was an experience, and seeing all the remaining damages of the last hurricane season was impressive. It helps to understand its intensity!
Finally reached Key West with a huge cruising boat leaving for a unknown destination...
And now driving to the Kennedy Space Center!
The way from the VAB leading to the launchpads 39A and 39B.
The pad 39A for which SpaceX has a 20 years lease was used by the Apollo missions to send humans on the Moon. It has also been used a few days ago by the Falcon Heavy.
The Apollo control room in which the whole Apollo 11 launch is simulated, including the countdown. It's a thrilling moment!
The massive Saturn V rocket and its different stages.
An amazing collection of items that are part of the space exploration history: suits, rocks, ships...
The VAB where Saturn V has been assembled. It's the sith largest building by volume in the world, and is being rewamped inside to be used for the Orion missions and to assemble the SLS launcher.
And... The now retired Atlantis Space shuttle!
The first Dragon cargo that went to the ISS.
The martian rovers, including Sojourner, Opportunity and Curiosity.
And to complete this amazing day, a look at the rockets garden outside.
This was a very short visit in Florida, but it gave me numerous things to remember. The Kennedy Space Center was one of the most extraordinary visit I've done, I definitively encourage everyone to check it out!