Sailing from Brest to Dublin

14 July 2019
This new sailing journey started from Brest and led us to Dublin with stops at the Scilly Islands, Kinsale, and a few Irish places. We were a crew of three on a 39-feet sailing boat during 12 days.
The first leg of this journey took us from Brest to Ushant (Lampaul's bay), so we have been crossing the famous Brest Gully, and then headed south of Molene's archipelago with the Pierres Noires lighthouse.
We then started our first major leg, the Channel sea's crossing up to the Scilly islands. We saw numerous cargos ships on Ushant traffic separation zone, but the weather was nice and the sea calm. Unfortunately, I got very sea-sick shortly after and it lasted until we reached the Scilly islands the next day...
After a walk (and a drink!) on St Agnes, we started the longest leg up to Kinsale. We didn't see many boats during those nearly 48h in the Celtic sea. However, many dolphins came back and forth playing with the boat, and this time, sea-sickness was completely gone!
Kinsale's coasts appeared the next day, with its colorful houses and nice pubs.
We then started to sail north and made a first stop near Youghal, in a very nice mooring.
The wind started to be very weak, so we had to stop in Dunmore for the night, and Kilmore Quay the next day.
Luckily the wind came back, and in the good direction! We stop in Wicklow after spending the whole day with the spinnaker.
The last leg took us to Howth at the north of Dublin.
This was an awesome sailing experience to cross the Channel and the Celtic seas (and I hope it won't be the last!)! The stars, the sunset and sunrise were so bright and intense - this is the kind of moments that help to put things in perspective. Also, Irish people have been very faithful to their reputation as welcoming and open people and that will definitively count to make this journey a very good moment!