A few days on Ushant Island

14 June 2019
Headed to Ushant for a 4-days week-end! The weather forecast was not great, but the island windy conditions might take away the rain pretty quickly.
The journey started in Le Conquet, under a heavy rain and very windy conditions (due to the storm "Miguel").
A first stop in Molène, where the weather started to get worse and the sea stronger.
And we finally reached Ushant! As the weather was improving, we had a walk to the south-west in direction to Le Créac'h lighthouse (the most powerful lighthouse in Europe, and one of the most in the world).
The next day the weather was sunny and hot. Thus, heading to the north-west, up to Le Stiff lighthouse.
Brittany: welcoming land.
On the third day, the wind came back but the sun stayed. Exploring the south-east area, with a visit to the Museum of lighthouses and beacons with an awesome collection of Fresnel lenses.
And a tentative to attend the (finally cloudy) sunset in the Lampaul Bay.
Finally, heading back to the ferry-boat on the last day by hiking the North-east side of the island, with a gorgeous view on Molène.
Back on the continent, with a stop at the Pointe Saint-Mathieu.
Ushant was a very pleasant discovery, with completement different weather and sea conditions from one day to the other. It's a definitively a place to experience!