Sailing in South Brittany

26 December 2018 to 31 December 2018
The last week of 2018 was forecasted to be very sunny, but (too) calm and (too) cold - not enough to not go sailing! We sailed a Delphia 29 from Le Crouesty to Port-Tudy (Groix Island), stopping at Quiberon (Port-Haliguen), Port-Louis and Sarzon.
On the first day, we left Le Crouesty around noon, heading west to Quiberon for the night. The sea was calm, the wind quite weak but sufficient. It only took a couple of hours to reach Port-Haliguen.
Departure at 8 a.m with a thick fog. We were supposed to try the Toull Bras way as a shortcut, but we decided not to due to the poor visibility - instead we turned La Teignouse. From there, the wind completely disappeared so the whole day was powered by the engine.
We reached Port-Tudy early in the afternoon.
The third day was dedicated to cross from the Groix Island to Lorient.
The wind was very weak but sufficient enough to not use the engine at all! We saw a handful of dolphins just before taking the main channel to enter the harbour.
We sailed through the Racing harbour with quite a few boats which took part of the Route du Rhum a month before.
Time to head back to Belle-île! We took the secondary channel and then passed near the Birvideaux lighthouse.
A short sailing day back to Le Crouesty for the final. We anchored in Houat and took the Beniguets way after which there was no wind at all, the sea was incredibly flat.
Despite a freezing cold and the lack of wind, it was a great sailing to focus on navigation and manoeuvers in calm conditions.