Six months in the Silicon Valley

18 February 2017 to 04 August 2017
I'm back in Santa Clara for a few months. I'm glad to be here again!
Take-off in Nantes to catch the (huge!) A380 at London Heathrow. The plane flew over Canada - a souvenir of my previous trip here.
Finally arrived in Santa Clara where it's quite sunny although there's an unusual period of floods and heavy rains.
Interesting visit of the Computer History Museum, in Mountain View.
A quick tour to see the Google Androids and Maps cars, and the amazingly huge Standford Campus.
Heading to San Francisco during a sunny week-end. It was hot without any clouds nor fog. Time to have a walk around the Golden Gate Bridge.
A walk in Santa Clara by a (very) hot and sunny Saturday:
A small hike in Sunol.
A few hours in Half Moon Bay and dinner in San Francisco.
Stay tuned, more to be published :)